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We understand the investment and pride behind every oriental rug. Oriental rugs are often a cherished heirloom passed down from the generations, as these rugs are known for their variety in weaves, colors, designs and sizes. Each animal, plant, and color woven into the fabric of the rug as a specific symbolic meaning, telling a story the weaver shared. For example, a fish on an oriental rug signifies abundance and prosperity, chrysanthemums symbolize long life and yellow signifies power and glory.<br /> Our oriental rug cleaning process follows rigorous steps to ensure proper cleaning, protecting the delicate fibers and to restore the rug to its original beauty. It takes skill, attention to detail and phenomenal patience to properly clean each irreplaceable oriental rug.

Whether they're Persian rugs, Indian, Pakistani, braided or shag style, rugs have a way of bringing a room together. Not only that, but they're also used for warmth on hardwood floors, as well as muffling sound that would normally carry without a rug in place. As much as we all love rugs, there inevitably comes a time where the rugs must be repaired, restored, or thoroughly cleaned. That's where AhmadiRug can help. Antique rugs are some of the best choices for any interior design, whether classic or modern. They can fit the living room, staircase, deck and several other places, instantly improving the room's aesthetic appeal. However, your antique rugs will suffer the impact of daily wear and tear elements. This calls for efficient cleaning and restoration procedures, especially if you want to preserve your design's glory and value. There are several offers for antique rug repair and custom rug work Illinois residents can hire.


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